Dispel Sacred Bodhi Oil
Dispel Sacred Bodhi Oil
Dispel Sacred Bodhi Oil

Dispel Sacred Bodhi Oil

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Evil eyes
Jealous stares
Negative energy

Breaking free from toxicity and fear can be daily challenges. It can be difficult even for the most evolved souls.

Break free. Cleanse. Dispel.

Notes: Floral top, ylang ylang, vetiver, elemi, cistus, amyris, fresh peppercorn, woodsy musk

This large 2 oz (60 ml) oil also contains a quartz point, which keeps the blend crystal-charged to enhance your highest power within.

**SAMPLES: Unfortunately we do not offer any samples for our oil blends at this time. This is something we may look into introducing in the future.


Focused intent:
◖ Protection
◖ Grounding
◖ Freedom from fear
◖ Positive mentality
◖ Evil eye removal


Our Sacred Bodhi Oils were created to give you a sense of spiritual awakening and personal healing. With an all natural base of sweet almond oil, we combine various essentials oils to provide a truly unique scent.

This oil has an organic sunflower oil base. Sunflower oil is naturally high in Vitamin E and has a great lightweight feel that will give your aura a radiant glow.

This blend is completely alcohol-free, synthetic-free and only contains all natural essential oils.


Please feel free to message us directly for any allergy concerns or questions.

Safety first: For external use only. Not recommended for children and/or individuals under 18 years of age unless discussed with a physician. Stop use immediately if any irritations occur. Magick Moods is not responsible for any misuse of our products and/or any adverse reactions.

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