Three Kings Sacred Bodhi Oil
Three Kings Sacred Bodhi Oil
Three Kings Sacred Bodhi Oil

Three Kings Sacred Bodhi Oil

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The Three Kings are also known as the Wise Men and/or Magi. Guided by the stars for 12 days, Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar set out on a quest so that they would be able to celebrate and gift newborn baby Jesus. Melchior brought gold as a sign of royalty. Caspar brought myrrh as a sign of Jesus' abilities for healing. Balthazar brought frankincense as a symbol of Jesus' connection to the divine.

Inspired by this story, we've curated a blend to include each of the gifts from the Three Kings. This blend has actual 18K gold flakes, a special blend of multiple types of frankincense essential oils and a carefully chosen myrrh essential oil. Paired with additional frankincense and myrrh resins as well as goldenseal, this oil has a very powerful scent that is sure to take you on a journey as well.

Notes: Deep musk, woodsy tones, frankincense, myrrh

This large 2 oz (60 ml) oil also contains a quartz point, which keeps the blend crystal-charged to enhance your highest power within.

**SAMPLES: Unfortunately we do not offer any samples for our oil blends at this time. This is something we may look into introducing in the future.


Focused intent:
◖ Gratitude
◖ Appreciation
◖ Abundance
◖ Connection to higher powers
◖ Prosperity


Our Sacred Bodhi Oils were created to give you a sense of spiritual awakening and personal healing. With an all natural base of organic sunflower oil, we combine various essentials oils to provide a truly unique scent.

This oil has an organic sunflower oil base. Sunflower oil is naturally high in Vitamin E and has a great lightweight feel that will give your aura a radiant glow.

This blend is completely alcohol-free, synthetic-free and only contains all natural essential oils.


Please feel free to message us directly for any allergy concerns or questions.

Safety first: For external use only. Not recommended for children and/or individuals under 18 years of age unless discussed with a physician. Stop use immediately if any irritations occur. Magick Moods is not responsible for any misuse of our products and/or any adverse reactions.

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