The Wild Unknown Tarot & Guidebook Set (First Edition)

The Wild Unknown Tarot & Guidebook Set (First Edition)

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The Wild Unknown 1st Edition Collector's Item Gift Set

This is the original, GENUINE First Edition print of the famously popular Wild Unknown Tarot Deck!

This deck is out of print and will make for a truly special gift for any loved one, including yourself.

VERY limited quantities as we cannot stock more ever again once these are gone!

**You will receive a brand new, unopened deck.**

Tarot deck: 78 cards filled with magical and mysterious imagery. Intricately illustrated by Kim Krans. Great for seasoned readers or those totally new to the Tarot. The cards come in a beautiful box with a black lifting ribbon and fold-out guide to get you familiar with the cards.

Guidebook: A sweet and helpful guide to all your tarot needs. 200 pages of info and drawings, handwritten by Kim Krans.

This book is especially great for those new to the tarot... it leads you through shuffling, cutting the deck, spreads, the meaning of all 78 cards, suits, and more.

Even seasoned readers will appreciate the glimpse into where the concepts of the illustrations came from. A real gem!

Paperback, black and white, 200 pages.

*********** PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING ***********


Is this the REAL official copy of the 1st Edition Wild Unknown deck?


Simply, yes! We truly do have the 1st Edition Wild Unknown Tarot deck. 

We were an official wholesale stockist in partnership with The Wild Unknown and have only sourced our TWU items directly with Kim Krans' business herself. When she had plans to discontinue printing her deck, she notified all wholesalers so that retailers had a chance to stock up before they were completely depleted.

For extra assurance, a YouTuber actually did a video comparing a counterfeit deck to the real deck, in which she mentions our shop as to where she bought the official copy. Here is the link to her video so that it hopefully reassures your concerns: 

We still have a few sets left and have decided to pair it with the guidebook, thus selling it as a whole set as they are truly quite complementary to one another.

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